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Cutting the Snoring Out Of Your Life

Posted 30th March 2015 | 6 Comments

If you are one of those people who tried to stop snoring by using natural remedies without any success, there are a few medical devices that could help you overcome this condition.

If you stopped drinking alcohol and dairy products before bed time without success, tried sleeping on your side and taking decongestive tablets, and still you are losing the snoring battle, this would be the answer for you. CPAP is a facemask that pushes air through your airways to keep them open during the time of sleep. This machine is the size of a shoebox with a flexible tube and mask. With CPAP, it does not matter where the obstruction would be occurring. Apart from this, CPAP is very safe and has a high success rate.

The other choice that you can have a look at would be surgery. When choosing this option it would be advisable to think very carefully, this should be your last resort. With the option of surgery there are a couple of things that can be done to cure your snoring troubles…removing excess throat tissue, shrinking and removing throat tissue through low levels of radio frequency, injecting Sclerosing to tighten up the soft pallet etc.

These medical remedies have been designed to help or prevent suffering from snoring and they are effective but expensive as well.

Everyone snores for different reasons. Let us take a look at some causes and the remedies for them, because believe it or not, no matter what your cause is, there is a cure. Firstly let us take a look at your sleeping posture, when you sleep flat on your back... it causes the flesh of your throat to relax and in turn blocks the airway.

There are 3 ways to rectify this...sleep on your side, elevate your head or even sewing a tennis ball onto the back of your pyjama top will stop you from sleeping on your back.

Next, we have nasal and sinus problems. If your airways are blocked it makes inhalation difficult and a vacuum is created in the throat, which leads to snoring. Now there are 2 ways to fix this...either use a humidifier in your bedroom or try using nasal decongestants or nasal strips to help clear your nasal passages.

There are however, certain instances where it is better to call your doctor about your snoring problems. For instance, if you wake up choking and gasping or stop breathing in your sleep, or if you fall asleep at inappropriate times such as at the dinner table, in your tomato soup, it could be the signs of a more severe underlying problem and professional treatment should be sought.

You don’t need to research for hours or to spend a fraction of your savings if you want to finally end your problems related to snoring. There are simple solutions that you can consider that can help you properly manage the problem as soon as you hit your bed. Perhaps the best approach to snoring is to change your lifestyle. A few tweaks of your lifestyle can serve as the best remedies for snoring, if you are serious in your efforts to finally end snoring.

So what are some of the best lifestyle changes that can serve as some of the best remedies for snoring and give you a better life? You can start by saying no to alcohol. If you can’t instantly dismiss the bottles, you can at least say good bye to alcohol in the evening just before you sleep. If you are a smoker then you also need to say good bye to those regular sticks. Smoking will be a big burden on your lungs thus putting you at risk to smoking. Finally, you can count on regular exercise as one of the best remedies for snoring. With regular exercise, you can boost muscles in the neck thus preventing the narrowing of your mouth and muscles.

Snoring can be funny at times but remember that this can be linked to something serious. Not only is it a nuisance but also 75{a9573bd3aa901309c1f5fce5b559a91687eda4f627635006bb3caa1474469022} of people who snore can be suffering obstructive sleep apnea. It is a condition that is manifested by disrupted breathing for short periods during sleep. This condition increases the risk of developing heart disease. Simply put, there’s a health issue that needs to be addressed when you snore. With this in mind, it pays to learn the remedies for snoring.

If you gained weight and starts snoring, then the remedy for you is to lose weight. Your remedies for snoring should start by identifying its cause. If you gained weight around the neck, it results to squeezing of the internal structures of your throat thus resulting to snoring. Natural and non-invasive remedies include change in position during sleep, avoiding alcohol and most importantly losing weight.

Change of position during sleep helps by not allowing the base of your tongue and soft palate to collapse on the back of throat and cause snoring. Avoiding alcohol helps in combating snoring by not reducing the resting tone of the muscles in the back of the throat that usually happens when intoxicated with alcohol. Weight loss on the other hand reduces the pressure around the neck caused by extra fats and tissues. These are the non-invasive remedies for snoring.

No Sleep, No Brain

Dr. Stanley Coren has written a book on sleep deprivation, Sleep Thieves, and says his research shows that "for each hour under eight hours of sleep, you lose one point in IQ. And for every hour below seven you can lose two points of IQ." Anecdotal evidence supports this. Jennifer Coppens, a 19-year-old Calgary high school student who works 25 hours a week, testifies that "most days I wake up tired." She claims she routinely nods off in math class, and recently flunked an exam.

Dr. Coren, 54, is becoming an master of neuropsychological esoterica. In 1992 he published The Left-Handed Syndrome, which posits that southpaws die seven years younger than right-handers. "Our mechanical world is built for right-handers," he explains. "Left-handed people die earlier due to accidents." He is now working on a book about the psychology of dog owners. "It's an entertaining way to shed light on the human personality," he says.

Sleep is a more serious topic. "People generally rise early and retire early, but a biochemical change occurs at puberty and can last all the way through the person's university years," says Dr. Coren, a father of two fully-grown offspring. "During that time, youths stay up late and have difficulty coping with morning activity. That's why it takes two sticks of dynamite to get them out of bed."

Lack of sleep affects some teenagers' brainpower more than others. Those with IQs around 115 or more can survive several hours of deprivation a night. But a teenager with an IQ of 100 who tallies a similar nightly sleep deficit can lose up to 15 IQ points a week--and risk failing exams. Dr. Coren says the IQ deficit can be eliminated by sleeping soundly on weekends. Unfortunately, "Sleep is the last thing kids think about on Fridays and Saturdays," he observes.

The deprivation can become so severe that "microsleep," in which the brain enters a somnambulant state for 10 seconds to a minute, results. "That's why we hear reports of students falling asleep in class. The phenomena is dangerous if you're driving a car." Some U.S. states have proposed shifting high school and university classes several hours to compensate. "But this was roundly pooh-poohed," recalls Dr. Coren. "Critics complained it would lead to cots being installed in school hallways."

Student Coppens' plight notwithstanding die-hard party animals don't see what the fuss is about. "I party all the time and never flunk exams," boasts Brian Smith, 17, of Vancouver. "Me and my buddies even party on week-nights, and we're no worse for wear."

Bernie Peets, general manager of UBC's Alma Mater Society, does not think there is much to worry about. The 49-year-old father of two remarks that "today's youth take their studies far more seriously than my generation did. And if sleep really does affect IQ, it will only take a couple of flunked exams to shock kids into falling in line."

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Author: Moolah Mack
Posted: 30th March 2015
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  1. Mark P commented:

    Very, very comprehensive article. I have issues with both RLS and snoring, so to find this site was really fantastic.

    Oh, and Dr. Coren? Love his show. Have you seen it? It’s definitely one of my favourites currently on Canadian TV. Love me some crazy dogs!

  2. Anthony Conner commented:

    Snoring is becoming the subject of our everyday confrontations. I want to keep my wife and get rid of snoring. I better do what I can to stop snoring.Tips appreciated.

  3. XoXo commented:

    Cut the snore our of your life or you will lose your loved ones. I have been there and I have done that. It’s still best to do what your loved ones will approve of.

  4. Jam Tan commented:

    Pick the right anti snoring treatment, quit smoking and drinking alcohol, exercise and eat the right food. With all these tips, you will cut the snoring out of your life forever.

  5. Jay Will commented:

    I did not mind snoring until I get engaged. My partner does not know I snore and I am pretty certain it will disappoint her. Whether I like it or now, I’ll probably start using an anti snoring mouthpiece. I might look silly with it but it’s better than having to bear with nasal strips.

  6. princevinco commented:

    Cutting the Snoring Out Of Your Life is an article i find so educational, man. In fact, i hope to be using materials from this site more in 2017. Thanks for sharing this post.

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